For more than a hundred years the name Montblanc stands for writing culture and master craftsmanship. The unmistakable white star that adorns all the Montblanc products stylizes the snow-capped peaks of Mont Blanc and is at the same time the symbol of the brand’s claim to the highest quality.

Montblanc’s classic fountain pen, the Montblanc masterpiece fountain pen, made for the first time in 1924, has become a cult object not only due to its timeless design, but also by the unmistakable, characteristic values that make all Montblanc products special. Values such as tradition, the finest craftsmanship and the appreciation of essential things in life – take time for reflection, feelings, beauty and culture. Values that gain new and, above all, greater importance in times of ever-accelerating change.

Each Montblanc product embodies these values. From the classic Montblanc masterpiece to fountain pens, watches, jewelery, Montblanc leather collections, office accessories and hand-made master handmade paper – all of them are the result of traditional craftsmanship and transfer the classic values to their owners.